FUN26 (YAL022C)

A permutation based statistical method (PBM5) ranks this transcript 292 among all S. cerevisiae genes based on its periodicity and magnitude of oscillation among five data sets. Using an arbitrary cutoff of 1000, this transcript is considered periodic. Its weighted average peak occurs at 83% of the cell cycle, where we use the M/G1 boundary as 0%. For other landmark peak times see this figure. For further details, please visit our website at

In the first three data sets, data points that have been flagged as suspect are plotted in red.

If you use these data in your research, please cite the following papers. The alpha 30, alpha 38 and alpha 26 data sets are described in

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The alpha and cdc15 data sets are described in
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The cdc28 data set is described in
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